David Brown

Founding Partner

David is the perfect combination of business savvy mixed with a heavy dose of heart and special knack for nutritional formulation. Driven by the desire to leave the world a better place, David has seen multiple successes in the nutrition world. He has been part of both start-ups and mega corporations alike; no matter what side of the table David is sitting on his greatest desire is to help others lead more fulfilling lives.


Dave has spent countless hours working with leaders to help them see their own triumph, and find more power within themselves. This hands-on approach has helped David keep a pulse on the needs of our VIP’s… the consumer.


Always on the bright side, David has a way of naturally seeing the positive in all situations. This amazing ability allows him to help navigate TruVision Health in a way unlike any other company of this nature. It is this solid talent to tap into the positive that allows TruVision Health to innately breeze by the negative. It starts from the top and positivity is always evident at TruVision Health.


David’s well-rounded life experiences have allowed him the ability to relate to all. He has lived upscale on the coasts, and humbly amongst mountains on the farm, and is at home either way. Whether it’s talking to his neighbor, a business associate or someone he just met, David knows no strangers.